We have the expertise and know-how to support companies and organisation in the development of specific technical skills.

At AGRENTA we offer training services, knowledge transfer and skills development through measures that facilitate business development, keep companies constantly updated over time, and allow for the acquisition of recognized technical qualifications.



Business development

We help entrepreneurs to put their Business Projects into motion. Each project is examined and articulated according to different strategic points of view for an informed introduction within its target market. Specifically, communication is deepened, the business idea as a whole, competitors and target customers are studied, an appropriate working group is identified, and an effective economic and financial plan is built.

Technical training

By joining the joint funds, continuous training courses are activated for workers who are already employed. For companies, joining the courses is free, just check with your Labor Consultants, if registered as companies in the appropriate funds. Why join? The competitiveness of the company increases; training costs are significantly reduced; you can join courses designed specifically in relation to the needs of the company; and increase its know-how resulting from the professional development of employees.



Regional qualifications

With the acquisition of regional qualifications and the recognition of technical skills (know-how), future entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to acquire specialized agri-food know-how. Among the different qualifications that can be obtained with AGRENTA: path for the acquisition of the I.A.P. Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur, path of acquisition and renewal of the license for the treatment of phytosanitary products; courses on corporate Multifunctionality.


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