Our company operates in research and development in the field of agricultural sciences and food technologies. We aim at developing innovative approaches to improve the processing and enhancement of agri-food products and increase their sustainability through high-tech solutions.

We collaborate with public institutions and research centers; we act directly on the territories and in synergy with companies, to promote the transfer of knowledge and the adoption of advanced technological solutions, promoting the development of human capital.

We work to provide solutions that improve production, processing operations and enhancement of agri-food products.



We work in a transparent way with our customers to always ensure a relationship of mutual trust.


We build relationships with our partners inspired by cooperation and guided by a benefit-sharing and human capital development approach


We work to ensure competence and high quality standards working with our partner companies



Environmental and social footprint

We ensure that our operations are to the maximum extent non-degrading for the environment, with the lowest possible emissions, technologically appropriate and have a positive impact on society.

Sustainable Agri-food Systems

We contribute to the construction of a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly agri-food system, because we are aware that this goal will be crucial for our generation.

Competitive Sustainability

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to the rational use of natural resources, helping to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Social inclusion

We consider the differences that characterize each person as a strength of our organization, engaging in their enhancement and building an environment that is stimulating, satisfying and inclusive.


Our team works operationally at the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia.

In our headquarters we have laboratories, tools and machinery useful to meet the production and research and development needs of the agri-food sector


Andrea Saba

Andrea Saba

Managing Director

Andrea Laddomada

Andrea Laddomada

Innovation Management

Marco Pilloni

Marco Pilloni

Consulting and Training

Andrea Sanna

Andrea Sanna

Agricultural Engineering

Paolo Piras

Paolo Piras

Research and Development

Carla Carboni

Carla Carboni

Communication and External relations

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