Sustaining farming

and food systems

Our goals

We are developers and producers of sustainable solutions for improving inclusive organisation of farming and food value chains and enhancing business processes, strengthened by the  application of enabling technologies.

Our purpose is to build systems of higher and sustainable productivity, safe and resilient to climate variability, for enhancing food security and inclusive development of rural areas.

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Innovating for impact

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Working where it matters for farming and food systems


We work to improve, monitor and integrate production processes and organisations with aim of increasing business efficiency and efficacy. We support strategic decision-making and implement enabling technological solutions to enhance production processes and develop capacities.


We are committed to develop sustainable value chains that provide social, environmental and economic benefits. We work on increasing competitiveness and added value as well as ensuring reasonable profit share and social cohesion through collective actions between value chain actors.


We support digital transformation of the farming and food system through capacity-building activities and consulting. We work to build knowledge network and implement actions to bringing the gap between innovation, applied research and early implementation of advanced solutions.


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