Smart Contract Farming allows farmers, processors and distributors to negotiate and operate contract farming in a trust and ease of use environment. Smart Contract Farming aligns the activities of  agricultural production and marketing, sustainably. We promote coordination in the agri-food value chains.

At Agrenta we listen and engage with our partners for the production and supply of agricultural products with conditions arranged in advance. We ensure the sustainability and inclusiveness of agri-food supply chains, and a fair risk management. 

Being-in-between we are able to respond through the provision of tools for value creation and establishing investment efforts in co-created structures.

Management solution for  agricultural supply chains that  connects food processors and  distributors with farmers 

What Benefits It Delivers

We create value in the agricultural system, by protecting farmers against fluctuating prices, yield risks and the difficulties of finding buyers, and letting manufactures and distributors to have their produce to comply with their own needs.

Smart Contract Farming allows our partners to do business through improved security of access to supplies and markets, fairly and sustainably. We connect farmers with markets, customers with agricultural supplies, in a trustworthy and fair environment. This sustains the continued operations of farmers while enabling manufacturers and distributors to manage the aggregate supply and price risk.

Smart Contract Farming is a digital coordination hub. We allow each operator to make decisions that are aligned with the decisions of their partners in business.

Blockchain Demystified

Blockchain is a secure system for recording transactions with mechanisms for processing, validating and authorizing on an immutable ledger. The immutability and the decentralization properties of blockchains have motivated the development of a wide range of applications that go beyond the initial goal of blockchain technologies (e.g. cryptocurrencies, timestamping services, etc. ).


The incorporation of blockchain technologies for developing agri-food related applications constitutes a new area posing a series of technical challenges spanning from the interaction design to the core engineering issues such as the scalability of backend data management mechanisms.


At Agrenta we are working to build a blockchain-enabled environment to ensure transparency, trust and integration among our partners in contact farming transactions.


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