Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue

The “Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue” goes online this year and has been hosted from Johannesburg in digital format on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November 2020.

The Summit is aimed at strengthening the bridge between Southern Africa and by far its biggest trading partner, Europe. n its seventh year, the Summit has played a crucial role in stimulating investment and economic opportunities between the two regions.

We have been delighted to take part in this high-level networking and debate platform among key decision makers from the two regions will again bring together influential business leaders, institutions, Governments and scholars to engage on the primary topic of “Southern Africa and Europe after COVID-19”.

In the last decades, we all have become accustomed to uncertainty and fast-paced changes: global financial and sovereign debt crisis, climate change, trade wars, the profound technological transformations of the digital economy. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty to a new level, where in a matter of days entire nations can shut down borders, public offices, private doors and find themselves in tackling the difficulties of guaranteeing healthcare coverage to every citizen.

The Summit has tried to set a course to leave the virus crisis behind, discussing how to ensure a fast V-shaped recovery and how Europe and Africa should cooperate in several areas and domains. Among others, promoting adequate financial tools to stimulate the recovery, address inequalities and foster healthcare resilience to face present and future emergencies.

Agrenta Team