Gustosu | A platform for a healthy Lunch Break in Sardinia

In cooperation with enterprises in food service and catering, AGRENTA has developed a platform Gustosu to provide a sustainable solution for small to medium-sized businesses to organise their lunch canteen on delivery with agri-food products from local farmers.

Managing our professional routine is not easy under the measure to contrast and contain the spread of the Covid-19. Our habits will need to change for longer to continue preserving our health. At Agrenta, our commitment has been oriented to support businesses who can better organise their lunch break on delivery from short food supply hain short through a ICT-based platform that allow food service, agricultural producers, businesses and consumers to communicate. This combine the need of keeping essential transport moving with the support of agricultural and food supply-chain.

Gustosu supports farmers and food operators of Sardinia, the island where we are based, by promoting the use of 100% local products and ensuring cooperation among the actors in the agricultural and food supply chains.

Agrenta Team