Expoalimentaria 2020

EXPOALIMENTARIA is the most important business platform in South America for the agricultural and food sector. Each year, it represents a meeting point for the key operators of producers, distribution, retail, horeca and R&D in the national and international market​​.

It is organised by ADEX in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Promperu.

We were proud to be selected to present our service Smart Contract Farming. With our support, producers and distributors have more consistent agricultural supplies and better control over processes and standards, by contracting directly with farmers. They reduce supply and price risk for agricultural supplies, compared to spot market procurement.

A well-planned and practice-oriented strategy is required for developing and sustain contract farming. High-level management commitment, an adequate time horizon, and reliable support from us are the necessary ingredients for a smart contract farming.

Trust, risk allocation, situation specific design, capabilities are managed in operating farming contracts on the ground. We use information and communication technologies to innovate contract farming and create sustainable and inclusive arrangements.

Agrenta Team