Innovating farming and food systems

At Agrenta we work on developing sustainable and tech-enabled solutions that support farming and food system.

We set new targets to address the challenges of increasing agricultural productivity sustainably, adapting to climate change, improving competitiveness and enhance the value in the chains, while strengthening fair and inclusive supply chain arrangements.

We believe in open and collaborative innovation. Our actions are oriented to improve production processes, develop sustainable and inclusive value chains and support digital transformation of agricultural and food systems. 

Improving  business process  and performance

We use tech-enabled solutions to innovate farming and food processes and enhance performance as well as sustainability.


We provide tools for value creation and for establishing investment efforts with a fair risk allocation.


sustainable farming and food supply chain

We strengthen sustainability and inclusiveness in agricultural and food value chains.


We address operational challenges of designing, executing and monitoring activities across lands. 


digital transformation

We demystify digital and support the adoption of practical solutions based on new enabling technologies.


We deliver results to address opportunities across sustainability, resilience and value creation in the farming and food system. 

Our Approach at Agrenta

Efficiency and sustainability
We deliver solutions that serve our partners efficiently and sustainably.

Among the many ways of operating, we choose that solution with the highest yield and with the possibility of being maintained over time from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

We go lean and agile
Working with innovative ideas and new resources are our bread and butter. This is, by its very nature, uncertain. We take small steps, continually testing our working hypotheses. We acquire as much knowledge as possible in order to create a viable solution to be validated.  Our work maintains the highest possible degree of flexibility to make necessary changes quickly.

Open collaborative innovation
We believe in an open and collaborative innovation that is produced from real challenges in making agricultural and food system more sustainable and inclusive. At Agrenta we operate in synergy and mutuality with our stakeholders. This promotes the transfer of knowledge and the adoption of technology-enabled solutions on the field. We cooperate with public institutions, research centers and non-profit organizations in supporting the development of human capital in the territories in which we operate.