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Our journey 

to sustainability,
inclusion and innovation 

At Agrenta we engage with our partners for building inclusive and sustainable farming and food system.

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At Agrenta we are committed to deliver solutions that help agricultural and food systems to become more sustainable.


Agrenta was established in 2019 and its passionate and interdisciplinary team play a vital role, with a deep expertise in agriculture and food production. We are united through our values and devoted to understanding how bringing people, ideas and resources together to develop products and ways of operating that build inclusive and smart businesses for our partners and the communities in which we operate.

We all take pride of our unique way of doing business. Since we mostly work business to business, our customers are partners in an open and relational collaboration.  We are directly engaged in the territories in which we operate. We work together with public institutions and research centers to build open innovation partnerships. We apply our expertise to serve businesses in the agricultural and food value chains.

All about our mission

Climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, water scarcity and the loss of competitivities of small to medium sized farmers provide ample evidence that current agri-food systems need to fol-low a transformative approach and a shift towards more sustainable solutions.


Food security in the future requires a transition to more sustainable and cyclical oriented systems that are resilient to increasing climate variability and provide economic and social benefits. Key enabling technologies provide new opportunities that can affect positively the way of operating in the agri-food systems.

At Agrenta we are working to anticipate a future of sustainable productivity, safe and adapted to the consequences of climate change, that can ensure food security and greater access to nutrient products.


Supporting this future means working to improve the organisation and management of agri-food value chains and use enabling technologies to promote innovation-driven prosperity.

Our mission  Our supporters

We started the operations with the support of the Sardinia Autonomous Region through the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 , the Italian Republic and the European Union through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

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At Agrenta we go rural

Our headquarter is located in a rural area of Sardinia, the Mediterranean Island that first has believed and invested in us. Thanks to the efforts made by public institutions and private actors - from big companies to the smallest startups – Sardinia is developing in a land of innovation. 

We can count on a priviledged position in the Euro-Mediterranean Area. 

We believe in going rural for innovating agricultural systems from the ground.  At Agrenta we adopt a relational approach in operating our business, in synergy and mutuality with our stakeholders. We actively promote the development of human capital in the territories and rural communities in which we operate.

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Feel free to send us an open application with your motivation letter and CV, at info@agrenta.com

As a growing, innovative team we are always looking for people who share the same passion and values as our team. Get in touch today for current and future opportunities.