Supporting  with advisory and consulting

In partnership with farmers as well as food companies and SMEs to build sustainable and inclusive farming and food system

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We have expertise in supporting organizations to drive measurable change

At Agrenta we work in partnerships with farmers and agricultural cooperatives as well as food companies and SMEs to build a more sustainable and inclusive farming and food system.

We provide services to support the processes of technological and social innovation, in some cases from the idea generation phase, up to design, prototyping, testing and quality control, legal compliance, market research and communication.

We aim at improving the ability of companies to manage product innovation processes, starting from technical and technological competence and combining it with activities aimed at preserve, protect and promote the economic and social value of the innovation produced.

Strategy & Advisory

We enable our partners to set new targets in ways that strike a balance between driving growth and managing costs.

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Change Management

We provide technical support aimed at supporting our partner in changing organisational structures and implementing digital transformation, based on strengthening competences.

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Operations Management

We partner with clients to drive transformational change ranging from procurement, supply chain management to traceability and quality control, and end-to-end operational excellence.

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Inclusive Rural Development

We partner in programmes and projects for the inclusive rural development and sustainability of agricultural and food systems, in the Euro-Mediterranean Area and overseas.

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Advisory & consulting that improve your trajectory

We focus on supporting our partners in setting new targets for growth and unlocking value from their operations, while we deliver real-world results that are directly implemented by our partners.